One thing I think we can all agree on is that getting out of the office and having some fun is always a winning combination during the working week. Seeing as winter is now more or less behind us, being able to take your team out for the day and get them to bond together, spend time working as one and ultimately having an enjoyable day should be part of every office’s plan (not to mention the laughs and memories you will have as well).

So Why Get Outside and Try Team building?

Several studies that indicate your staff will work harder when they are happy, and one of the best ways to increase happiness (without all expenses paid holidays to the Bahamas) is to spend time taking part in an interactive team-building activity in the fresh air.

These events give your team a chance to have loads of fun while building relationships with their colleagues, enjoying time away from the desk and developing a sense of well-being and that all-important happiness factor, that will be repaid in aces (and a few bragging rights!)

Other benefits of away day team building include:

Greater Team Communication
Team Cohesion
Staff Wellbeing
Chance To Try Something New

Our Top 3 Outdoor Events You Have To Try in 2020

Soap Box Derby

Get Outside and Teambuilding

Teams face each other in this head to head challenge to develop and construct a race-ready self-propelled soap box car. Crazy fun and laughs guaranteed in this hilarious event…Put pedal to the metal!

Crystal Challenge

Get Outside and Teambuilding

Based on the classic 90’s show, teams will compete against each other in an exhilarating mix of physical and mental challenges to win as many crystals as possible. The top teams go head to head in the frantic dome finale! 

Taken Kidnap Experience

Your task is simple – rescue your kidnapped CEO! However, between you and your daring rescue is a ruthless extortion ring – World Without End, who taunt and confuse you every step of the way.

However, if you work in an industry where taking your team out for half a day isn’t really possible due to time constraints or your industry type, then why not take a look through our Team Energisers. These fast-paced, highly entertaining team activities last no more than an hour and are all about packing in as much as possible and can fit into a lunch break. 

The Energisers

Cracked It!

Fast-paced and immersive, this prison-themed escape room style activity will have teams working against the clock to escape jail.

Board Breaking

Board Breaking is about planning ahead and the satisfaction of breaking through a board with your barrier written on it with your bare hands.

Haka Workshop 

Learn about this cultural Maori tribal dance, see the Haka being demonstrated live then follow the workshop and learn it yourselves.

Still unsure…it’s OK, I like to take my time deciding things too, why not take a look at all our events through the button below. 

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