Picture the scene; it’s January, it’s cold, wet, miserable and grey…ok not so hard to picture, just look out the window! Not very fun or motivating and definitely not ideal for an outdoor team event…
Now picture a warm indoors space with all your colleagues and a giant inflatable dome and crazy activities surrounding it, now THAT is a much better scenario.

As the weather is unlikely to get warmer for a little while what better time to give you a rundown of the Top 10 Indoor Team Building Activities. Not only are these events fun-filled, informative and challenging, they are also seen as a perfect way to reward your staff.

Top 10 Indoor Team Building Activities

The Killing

This hands-on team-building experience will see you pushing boundaries and testing yourself while you open your eyes to the challenges faced by Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators. The Killing, an event created and designed by Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives, is the most thrilling and immersive team-building experience there is.

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Top 10 Indoor Team Building Activities Killing

Indoor Crystal Challenge

Based on the ‘90s game show, Crystal Challenge is one of the most energetic, memorable experiences out there! In teams, you will compete against each other in an exhilarating mix of physical and mental challenges to win as many crystals as possible. The finalists will enter the grand crystal dome and the team with the most gold tickets will win the Crystal Challenge.

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Crystal Challenge Indoors Top 10 Indoor Team Building Activities

Challenge 100

This fun, fast-paced experience gets teams reacting quickly and working together to complete as many challenges as possible. Each team is given a book of challenges and a box which contains various objects needed to complete the tasks. Once the timer starts, teams must choose wisely and strategically from the portfolio of activities, allocating their resources with the aim to score as many points as possible within the allocated time.

Challenge 100 Top 10 Indoor Team Building Activities

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Cracked It!

​In this fast-paced prison-themed escape room activity, you and your team will be given 40 minutes on the clock to solve all of the puzzles and break into the governor’s office and escape over the wall. With a variety of activities that are mental, hands-on and creative, the challenge is designed to keep teams engaged in this classic race against time!

Expect to be immersed in the race to escape prison as you break out of your prison cell, decipher puzzles and conundrums to win points for your team! Not only are you racing against time and the other teams but you are also trying to discover who is the “corrupt” prison guard.

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Cracked It! Top 10 Indoor Team Building Activities

Big Picture

A colourful and creative team building event that gets all teams working towards a collaborative and common goal – a huge masterpiece painting.
Working in small groups initially, teams have to earn their paint materials by completing a variety of fun challenges. Once they are armed with their materials, this is when things get colourful with all of the teams come together to create the Big Picture. An extremely collaborative & artistic team building event.

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Top 10 indoor team building events

Real Life Clu’Doo

With a forensic twist on the classic game, your team must prove who killed Dr Black in this engaging and unique team building event. Dr Jonathan Black has been found murdered at Tudor Mansion. It is your team’s task to try and solve who really did kill him, where they did it, how they did it and what the motive was. There is no speculation with our Clu D’oo event, you must forensically prove who committed the murder!

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Murder Mystery - Right Angle Corporate Events

Escape The Box

A real-life escape room activity. Work through the clues and correctly complete the questions and challenges to unlock the next part of the game. Will your team figure out how to reveal hidden messages, and will they be able to follow the secret directions left on the Dictaphone? Concentration and teamwork are crucial in this classic race against time. Decipher puzzles, solve conundrums and overcome any curveballs or misleading information to crack the padlock codes and escape the box.

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Escape The Box - Right Angle Corporate Events Team Building

Chocolatier’s Apprentice

Our most popular & challenging cooking challenge! Does your team have what it takes to become successful Chocolatier Apprentices? Once everyone is clued up on chocolate tempering, ganache making, dipping and finishing, teams will nominate a Project Manager to lead the branding, packaging, marketing and manufacturing of over 100 chocolates. It is then down to the judges to award points for creativity, taste, concept, presentation and the all-important sales pitch.

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Stop The Clocks

Stop the clocks is a fast-paced race against time. The teams will be given a series of challenges that they must try and complete as quickly as possible. Some of these team challenges could last 5 minutes and some could last 45 minutes depending on how quickly the group can decipher the correct way to complete the task. Each team will have a clock at the front of the room. When the team thinks they have successfully completed the challenge then one of their team must run to their Clock and press the button to Stop The Clock.

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Rookie Detective

Someone has committed either a murder! This Rookie Detective Team Building Experience will challenge you and your teammates to solve the crime and catch the killer. Guests need to retrieve exhibits from a crime scene, examine them for fingerprints using real CSI Equipment. The detective team experience can even be personalised to your company! You can supply us with three photographs of the suspects…

Find Out More Here: Rookie Detective

So now you have read through our Top 10 Indoor Team Building Activities and something has caught your eye (you know it is a murder scene!) get in contact with us today to get your perfect indoor event booked. Get in touch by either calling 0207 1676 717 or email info@rightangleevents.co.uk.

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