We are often asked what the best activities are for small team building events. Whether it be Team Building for Small Teams, Small Companies or Executive Teams, we have a whole variety of unique options!

Regularly companies contacting us looking for many different outcomes, popular ones include to improve communication skills, break down silos, collaboration, creativity, trust and leadership skills.

All of our experiences are tailored to you and your companies aims and objectives, meaning you will achieve many of the above, and often find out more about each other, that you didn’t know before.

Small team building activities are suitable for small internal teams and departments, senior management teams, executive teams, or perhaps you are just a small company!

We’ve done a round of our the best team building activities for small teams (including some award-winning events!) All of the team experiences are designed to be immersive, educational and fun! Perfect for your next away day or corporate event.

Team Building Activities For Small Teams

  1. Bear Grylls Survival Academy
  2. Taken Kidnap Experience
  3. Chocolatier’s Apprentice
  4. The Killing Crime Scene Investigation Experience
  5. Cocktail Making

Why these are the best team building activities for small teams…

Our Bear Grylls Survival Academy Team Building Activity is sure to push your team to the limits. Get your team out of the office and participating in a series of fun, engaging team bonding activities! From the “Land Rover Pull” to our “Gross Eat” Challenge, this is one team away day they will never forget. Our specialist team have worked with Bear himself! This means you really will be out there will the best of the best!

Throw your team in at the deep end with our Taken Live Kidnap Experience. Choose to kidnap the company CEO or one of our theatrical actors! Your team must then take on a series of fast-paced, eye-opening activities! From meeting secret police informants to learning how to covertly follow a suspect. They will also take part in a huge “money drop” of ransom money! Through the event you will be collecting clues and evidence that will lead you to the location of the hostage. Will you solve the case in time and recover them unharmed? This captivating team building event, ideal for smaller teams will have your team working in a high-pressure environment. Personality traits and leadership styles will be explored and guests will bond in a way like no other!

If your team wants to get creative…

This lip-licking, chocolate piping, box branding experience will have your team working together in a tasty new way. Teams will be up to their eyes in delicious chocolate as they are challenged to manufacture over 100 chocolates. It’s then onto creating the perfect box and brand ready for the boardroom.  Hosted by our professional chefs our Chocolatier’s Apprentice team building event is ideal for smaller companies. Guaranteed to bring out the creatives, the makers and the leaders in your team. Will your team come up with a whacky concept, or play it safe with classic flavours? Our team will be the judge of what works and what is a complete disaster!

The Chocolatiers Apprentice - Right Angle Corporate Events

This is one of our favourites…

The first activity we always recommend for clients small team building activities is “The Killing” Crime Scene Investigation. The Killing was awarded Team Building Experience of the Year! The scene is set and it is your job as the chief investigators to forensically solve who committed the murder. CEO Jonathan Buckley was found murdered in his office… from blood, ballistics, fingerprinting, DNA and much more your teams will need to solve this crime and catch the perpetrator! Dressed in full CSI gear (suit, masks and gloves) delve into your case files, police statements and snippets of information! All of this will help your team to solve who committed the bloody murder! We can even personalise the suspects to people the team know!

Our fifth and final favourite teambuilding activity for those smaller events are our Cocktail Making experience. A fun and engaging mixology masterclass where teams will learn a skill, use their creativity and overall, boost their morale and bond with teammates. Learn different methods of creating cocktails and take part in the mystery cocktail making challenge to test your skills. We are sure you will have a great bonding experience.

These are just our most popular team building activities for smaller teams, many of our other events would suit too. Do contact our team today if you have specific aims and objectives you would like to achieve and we can chat you through our plethora of amazing options!

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